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Book review: Why We Lie by Dorothy Rowe

Exceptional investigation of why people lie and how this affects individuals, families and larger bodies such as organisations and states. We lie because we can, because it is easier than being humiliated and because we are vain, but also because it is easier than destroying what we think of as our essential self. Truth on the other hand is not as easy as a lie, or as consistent and we are frequently unable to see the truth that is there. Dorothy Rowe explores how we decide what is true and whether we are willing to give up lying. Published by Fourth Estate, London (2011)

Film Review: Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan

Set in the not too distant future when the fate of humankind rests on a dubious mission to outer space; to find a wormhole leading to a planet that can sustain life, because the Earth is fast running out of fundamental resources. Director Christopher Nolan takes the notion of time travel from 'Inception', stunning visual effects via 'Gravity' and throws in the dimension of a compelling human drama.…

Rembrandt: The late works (National Gallery)

The fabulous dark meaty paintings of Rembrandt's triumphant middle and old age. Confrontational and authoratative; the marriage of intellect and heart. No fading gently into any goodnight here.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler


This is a good book.  Its about family in its broadest sense and is compelling, thought provoking,  and touching.  But its an easy book to “spoil” with preview information,  so you’ll have to take my unelaborated word for it.  Just read it.

Water by Edward Burtynsky

Following the oil series, Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has selected water as the subject for a series of photographs considering the impaired relationship between humankind and our natural resources. This compact but powerful exhibition, consisting of five large format photographs,…